Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Certainly Been Something

it seems as though the more time goes by, the more i want to succeed in making a change. is it arrogance to think that i, one man, can make a difference to be seen the world over? i think not. it has nothing to do with my history, it has nothing to do with my money, the real reason i want to make a change is because we live in a world that rewards the liars and the cheaters and punishes the fair players. somebody once said the words "god mad some men big, and some men small, but metal made them all equal. sadly, money split the difference in the opposite direction and made the situation worse than before. we don't have a world treasury, we don't have a global currency, and we don't have a common standard of living.

there are 5 keys to survival. food, water, heat, shelter, and security. we haven't even figured out how to have a consistent source of the first two around the world. we need to be fed and watered as a world before we can make any true progress. with less people worrying about food and water, there are more people with the strength to work, and proceed to the next levels of survival. heat and shelter are simple enough to create, so long as you have able bodies to do it. with running water and irrigated agriculture we can bring the third world into our world, and start making moves as a species, as a planet, rather than as competing nations. security should be our utmost concern, but we shouldn't have to be so concerned with each other. what if we are attacked from outside of our world? we aren't going to attack and fight the enemy seperately... we'll die if we try. we must come together, and arm our planet to protect us against any threat domestic or foriegn before that threat becomes a reality. also we need to patch the o-zone layer. i suggest ozone generators mounted on EFUAV's to ionize the oxygen in the upper atmosphere and fill in those spots where we have solar radiation leaks. more on this later.