Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Certainly Been Something

it seems as though the more time goes by, the more i want to succeed in making a change. is it arrogance to think that i, one man, can make a difference to be seen the world over? i think not. it has nothing to do with my history, it has nothing to do with my money, the real reason i want to make a change is because we live in a world that rewards the liars and the cheaters and punishes the fair players. somebody once said the words "god mad some men big, and some men small, but metal made them all equal. sadly, money split the difference in the opposite direction and made the situation worse than before. we don't have a world treasury, we don't have a global currency, and we don't have a common standard of living.

there are 5 keys to survival. food, water, heat, shelter, and security. we haven't even figured out how to have a consistent source of the first two around the world. we need to be fed and watered as a world before we can make any true progress. with less people worrying about food and water, there are more people with the strength to work, and proceed to the next levels of survival. heat and shelter are simple enough to create, so long as you have able bodies to do it. with running water and irrigated agriculture we can bring the third world into our world, and start making moves as a species, as a planet, rather than as competing nations. security should be our utmost concern, but we shouldn't have to be so concerned with each other. what if we are attacked from outside of our world? we aren't going to attack and fight the enemy seperately... we'll die if we try. we must come together, and arm our planet to protect us against any threat domestic or foriegn before that threat becomes a reality. also we need to patch the o-zone layer. i suggest ozone generators mounted on EFUAV's to ionize the oxygen in the upper atmosphere and fill in those spots where we have solar radiation leaks. more on this later.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Not Impressed in the least

As much as my fingers want me to, I'm not going to start this with the generic "what's the deal with it?" but insead I'm going to tell you my deal with it. It, of course, being the trends of government in general. Tell me why a government that has put lives on the line for a cause can advocate the same problem on it's own soil, that it's fighting on other peoples? Communism, Fascism, and Dictatorship are the forms of government that we have opposed in countless wars. Yet we are operating our "Democracy" in the same way. whether a country is run by one greedy, sociopathic, desk-jockey elitist or 500, it's still the same situation. greed is greed, and indifference is indifference. We'd be better off letting hippy, panamoric, disc-jockey weedheads take over. Then at least we'd be a fun country before we burned to the ground. But seriously, they are all dictators. They just take turns and compromise with each other (not us) in this country. It's pretty bad. If our government is going to work, what we have to do is simple. we have to fight. all through the last 15 years, hardly a single bill to cross the presidents desk has been vitoed. the only real legislative power the president has, and nobody seems to think it's a valuable tool. there were more amendments made to the constitution and bill of rights in the last 15 years than in our whole run before that. so what's so special about right now? we do not have representation. we do not have true liberty. we have supervision. we have enforcement. and we have no unity. people this country was made to inspire, it was made to lead by example. well the only example we are setting right now is how to be led as sheep to the slaughter.we are NOT sheep. We are Fucking Americans and it's time we started acting as such. people used to fight, with all of their power for their rights. now, all we fight for is the remote. get off your ass and grow up. the only way we can really get rid of these pencil pushing self serviant tyrant elites is to become something better, and show the people. we can come together and change this, but we Have to come together In order to change it. savvy? fuck gettin paid, forget gettin laid, we need to start fixing the mess our parents made. i'm not going to edit my grammar anymore from this point on. i sound too much like them with proper capitalization and sentance structure. so, read it like you were hearing it. like i was telling you. feel my emotions and realize that you should have them too. we're not living in the united states of america. this is a united state of usurpation. and we've reached a point where this long list of injustices and depravities must be overthrown. possibly by force. what i'm saying is nothing new. in our own declaration of independance, in the preamble, there is a passage that should tell you all it is time to do what our forefathers before us felt was a matter well worth risking life and limb for. it reads, 
"When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." just chew on that for a minute, really think about it. look up the words you don't know, find out what they mean, do something! at least until it makes sense and you want to take back our country.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ol' George Needs a Makeover

George Washington that is. The dollar is worth pennys. Literally. The solution our government settles upon? Flood the country with fresh bills. Throw some paper at a symptom of the problem. Whose pocket did it end up in? Not the small business owner on a dying Main Street, no. Corporate America, and Corporate japan. All of this, funded by a "loan" from china... A loan of that size implicates a very complex contract of course... What do you think the likelihood is that that contract was properly negotiated to the very last detail? It was a fairly hurried process and I feel that there had to have been some oversight. That loan represented a value HIGHER than our total reserves. We are in debt for more than our money people... More than a Mercedes Benze, or a Lucien Pallet Finet timepiece, or a luxury yacht, or a G6. We are in debt for our country. How do we rebuild? Revolt. Our government is broken and we have to do something about it or we will lose our standard to their greed. Our government is no longer so much of a source of diplomacy and guidance but more of a capitalist oligarchy with a cumulative will to control and possess. We are looking at being slaves to the corporations, who will be controlled by China. They are on their way up, and now they need somebody to make sneakers for next to nothing while they kick back drinking coke and eating some burger king while they watch the game. Basically, they could see us as the next China, and them as the next America. Do you feel this is okay? So how do we fix it right? We have to start by fixing the dollar. We need to make things people new things not just improvements on the past. We have more down time than any other population and it's time we used it. Learn about electronics. Learn about machines and tools. Learn about farming, Learn about things that we have been paying the other countries to do for years and maybe we can start getting their money. That's how you pay off a debt right? Get other people to render services or goods from you and you turn a profit. So once we are producers again, our products get a better reputation as the quality increases. Dont be afraid to hire. The more people there are with money, the more sales there are to be made. Be gracious with your profits, not greedy. The better deal will bring them back. We used to be famous for making the best. Durable, long lasting products. Now we like flimsy plastic? Nuh-uh. Composites are better, and more profitable due to their durability. We need to create a 21st century industrial revolution and the only way that happens is with a push. We have to work together. We have the power to solve all of the problems before us and yet we entrust it to a government that is so entangled in red tape it can't move 5 steps, let alone fix a multi trillion dollar debt before I have to go on medicaid and get denied for insufficient funds. I want access to the medical advancements that are becoming available. But the government can't see that the flaws are too deep to fix with simple revision. Here's what I say. Reinstate the nation our forefathers set before us, in which every man was free to be exactly the man he pleased and every woman just as she please. Nobody is a second class citizen. Nothing of your own discretion is anywhere near legislature. Of course laws are important but when they get to be so many and so intricate it has gone too far. We are a large nation and micromanagement is our biggest enemy. What has the war on drugs achieved? Wasted dollars. What has Operation Iraqi Liberation achieved? Wasted dollars. In Bill Cheneys pocket. Sky high gas prices. Lost heroes. How about the wierd science? It's all worthless. But they just throw the money there like it didn't have a place. Taxes should be devoted to 2 things, government supplies, and social programs. and the "social programs" shouldn't just be a credit card... They should be a program to help people to not need welfare. To get to a point of sustainance and growth. Media has to change too. We need to see more of the things that life is really about. Living happy. With a house, wife, kids, the good stuff. We want the wrong things and we're creating a mess. Do you think any of these girls who get used and thrown out like a condom are going to trust any of us guys who do it to them in 15 or 20 years? No. Certainly not. They're going to tolerate some of us, but only long enough to get their child support payment or drop the kids off. Don't you want something better that what is happening here? Show some love for your country and help me to save it.

Jumping In

We've all heard the metaphor. Some of us have lived the reality. You're on the top of a ledge and you have to hit the water in just the right spot. Do you jump? I did, and I'm fine. So now I'm jumping into this, blogging I mean. I have alot of thoughts about the world... people... governments... and war, so I now feel the need to shout it to the world wide web. Listen up, internet. A little background on me... I grew up on both sides of the tracks. After the divorce it was po' folk stuff half the time, and upper middle class the rest of the time. My mom was a hotel desk clerk, and my dad was a millright in the papermill my home town survives off of. Both of them are awesome people. I hope to be half as good a parent some day. My grandfather on my dad's side was a visionary businessman, who i believe did more for the economy of the town of bar harbor, ME than any one other individual. My grandfather on my moms side is a wisecracking ex navy man, still in great shape and sharp as a tack. Through high school I was a little bit of an attention whore. Nobody wanted anything to do with me, so I got in everybody's face. I was nice. But, I'm kind of annoying sometimes. Or i was. It's hard to say really... But i persisted in being as much of a rebel as possible without getting in much trouble. Of course in any situation where you're hiding things it piles up and backfires. So to avoid the worlds longest grounding, and probably alot of dissapointment on my dad's part I moved out. 17 years old, no job, and I was going to stay on my friends couch. That couch was my home for 5 months. Then it was another couch, with a different friend, and alot more drugs. Then it was another friend, no drugs, and a real bed for the first time in a year. Then for the last 2 weeks of high school i stayed with my mom. After that, she kicked me out about a week later. I moved in with a friend, in what was basically a damned treehouse on 4 telephone poles. I had a nice big tv with a built in vcr that kinda worked, and one vhs tape. Face Off with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. I watched it too many times. I lived there all summer, worked on a blueberry field for next to nothing, bathed in a pond, went off the grid. Then it got cold. Like most kids with kind of wealthy parents, I ran to daddy. He put me up in a hotel for the winter. Come springtime, I found something cheaper and moved back into friend number 1's house. This time i had a bed, and a door. Soon after that i got a job at the restaurant right down the road. Met a very influencial cook who taught me many things, about many things. I worked there for about 8 months when I decided to get my shit together, and get the hell out of dodge. I came to orlando, FL, where I'm studying to be a motorcycle ATV and PWC technician. This is not the long run... This is the launchpad. My endgame will be revealed farther along ;-)