Monday, June 6, 2011

Jumping In

We've all heard the metaphor. Some of us have lived the reality. You're on the top of a ledge and you have to hit the water in just the right spot. Do you jump? I did, and I'm fine. So now I'm jumping into this, blogging I mean. I have alot of thoughts about the world... people... governments... and war, so I now feel the need to shout it to the world wide web. Listen up, internet. A little background on me... I grew up on both sides of the tracks. After the divorce it was po' folk stuff half the time, and upper middle class the rest of the time. My mom was a hotel desk clerk, and my dad was a millright in the papermill my home town survives off of. Both of them are awesome people. I hope to be half as good a parent some day. My grandfather on my dad's side was a visionary businessman, who i believe did more for the economy of the town of bar harbor, ME than any one other individual. My grandfather on my moms side is a wisecracking ex navy man, still in great shape and sharp as a tack. Through high school I was a little bit of an attention whore. Nobody wanted anything to do with me, so I got in everybody's face. I was nice. But, I'm kind of annoying sometimes. Or i was. It's hard to say really... But i persisted in being as much of a rebel as possible without getting in much trouble. Of course in any situation where you're hiding things it piles up and backfires. So to avoid the worlds longest grounding, and probably alot of dissapointment on my dad's part I moved out. 17 years old, no job, and I was going to stay on my friends couch. That couch was my home for 5 months. Then it was another couch, with a different friend, and alot more drugs. Then it was another friend, no drugs, and a real bed for the first time in a year. Then for the last 2 weeks of high school i stayed with my mom. After that, she kicked me out about a week later. I moved in with a friend, in what was basically a damned treehouse on 4 telephone poles. I had a nice big tv with a built in vcr that kinda worked, and one vhs tape. Face Off with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. I watched it too many times. I lived there all summer, worked on a blueberry field for next to nothing, bathed in a pond, went off the grid. Then it got cold. Like most kids with kind of wealthy parents, I ran to daddy. He put me up in a hotel for the winter. Come springtime, I found something cheaper and moved back into friend number 1's house. This time i had a bed, and a door. Soon after that i got a job at the restaurant right down the road. Met a very influencial cook who taught me many things, about many things. I worked there for about 8 months when I decided to get my shit together, and get the hell out of dodge. I came to orlando, FL, where I'm studying to be a motorcycle ATV and PWC technician. This is not the long run... This is the launchpad. My endgame will be revealed farther along ;-)

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